Spotlight on Winston Salem - My New Town !!

Winston Salem is also known as the twin city as its the fusion of Old Salem and Winston, it is one of the cities of North Carolinas triad region. Famous for Tobacco and the RJ Reynolds family but so much more. Its a city steeped in history the Moravians settled in the area some 250 years ago when they brought a track of land called wachovia from the British.
In fact generations later their culture is still intertwined with city life, be sure to visit old salem, a beautiful historic area dating back to the 1700's complete with a living museum. Where your guides will be dressed in period clothes, there's even a restaurant that showcases food from that period. At christmas time you can sample the famous Moravian cookies, rolled out paper thin to simply melt in your mouth.
The areas of Buena Vista, Country Club road and Reynolda road, lined with old mansions and parks to walk, are a delight. Winston also has a small but vibrant downtown area, complete with hip wine bars sampling local North Carolina wines and a local micro brewery.
In the warmer months you will be treated to live music and local cultural events such as an Indian festival, Wine festival and Greek festival to name but a few.
Just a short drive from this friendly little city you can be in the wine growing region of the Yadkin Valley or the Blue Ridge mountains. It is also a stone throw away from other cosmopolitan cities such as Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.
So next time your thinking of a trip, consider Winston Salem it has a lot to offer for all ages and all walks of life.


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