Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fort Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu, India


In the Summer while visiting family in Southern India we drove from Trichy to Chettinad on the way we spotted this old fort and decided to stop and visit. I am all about stopping and checking out sights on road trips. When I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was they mention the bullet cart and climbing on these ancient rocks. 

Fort Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu, India was bult in 1687 by Vijaya Raghunath Sethupathi it was originally a ring fort and has historical significance as an important stronghold of rebel chieftains in the Polygar Wars. Oomathurai, the brother of Panchalankurichi chieftain Kattabomman was captured in this fort. There is a British cannon at the top, so I am sure the British used this too. It offers a great view of the surrounding area. It also features cool big rocks to climb and hide under a fun stop on a journey and part of history. 

Local folks hanging out under one of the huge boulders, you will also notice many couples in places like this, also parks and zoos. India is by in large still a conservative country and often love marriages are not the norm so courting your lover often needs to be kept on the low and these places offer a quiet place to hide. Its kind of sweet and makes you smile. 

 A great view from the top of the surrounding villages and countryside. 

This is a little rock temple, we climbed up the stairs pretty easily but it was tricky and quite scary descending with the kids, my hubby wasn't so impressed that I took the kids up, but how often do you see this. 

The kiddies showing their strength, something to be mindful of in India is to watch for snakes in places like this. My cousin who is a farmer in a rural village was with us and kept telling the kids to be careful and watch the snakes.

An old British canon at the top. 

This little boy lived just outside the fort and my kids immediately ran to see his cows and chickens, of course they are little farmers now spending lots of time with me on Ladybird farm
My boy is holding one of the chicks and the young boy is showing us his rooster. 

State Highway 210, Pudukkottai District, Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu 622507, India

So if your ever in this part of the World, do stop and explore this interesting old fort, its worth it.

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