A Landscape Photo Series

I always enjoy #frifotos each week on twitter this week's theme is landscapes so I thought I would share a few. I adore being outdoors and exploring new area's landscapes, coastlines, orchards, farms and nature. Nature and its wonder is truly one of lives gifts. 

The above picture is Iceland. I Have fond memories of this Island its rich geography and friendly people. Every country has unique landscapes and regions to explore with local people and their stories to tell. Special weather and plants, cuisine and things we can learn. 

There is beauty everywhere when we look for it even in the roads surrounding the area where you live, neighboring counties places to be discovered. 

 La Jolla Southern California 

 A farm in Northern Jamaica 

 Lomond hill Fife, Scotland 

 An apple orchard, Pinnacle North Carolina 

The beautiful coastline of Turks and Caicos 

 An orange grove Redlands, California 

 The beautiful Iron bridge Shropshire England 

 Looking out to Holy Isle from the Isle of Arran Scotland 

Linville falls, The blue ridge mountains in North Carolina 

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