Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coffee Milk

When I was in Boston my friend Jennifer who I meet on vine :-) mentioned a drink they have there called coffee milk. Its a syrup they add to milk and drink it like chocolate milk. In fact did you know that this is Rhode Island's state drink it goes back to the 1930's and it can be found ready made in grocery stores next to milk. I asked around on my last day in Boston and no one had heard of it. I then added on the blogs facebook page and had a lovely discussion with folks, Amy shared a recipe. So I figured rather than buy it why not make a little to try. I actually boiled the sugar and milk a little too long so got a coffee toffee :-) I used a little as garnish. It's a fun drink and reminds me of camp coffee a British coffee syrup. This is similar in taste but has chicory in it. My Grandma would add to cakes and icing. 


  • 2 cups of brewed coffee
  • one cup of sugar 
  • one cup of milk 

  1. brew the coffee 
  2. then add to a pan with the sugar and let it reduce down about 20 min, be careful not to boil too long like I did as it turns into toffee 
  3. add a little about a teaspoon to milk and stir, the rest can be kept in the fridge for a few days

My hubby thinks I am crazy walking around Boston asking for this then returning home to make it but thats the magic of food blogging to me, finding regional foods and learning food history and culture and sharing it :-)

In other news I passed my gardening exam and am now a Master Gardener super excited to start volunteering in community gardens. My kids love our wee garden and I hope at times to take the kids with me when I volunteer great life lessons.

Have you ever had coffee milk?

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