Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fields Around The World

fields of a sheep farm New Zealand 

One of my favorite hash tags on twitter is #frifotos each week it has a different theme, this week's is Fields and I just couldn't resist putting together a photo series, to join in simply tweet a picture and tag it #frifotos and join in the fun. Folks contribute from all over the world with a love of sharing fun images and travel pictures. 

lush fields Coorg Southern India, coffee is grown in this area 

rice fields from a train window on one of my first trips to India

An Elephant going down to bathe

Fields in the Cotswolds England, we visited a lovely village just after this with my Grandparents and enjoyed ice cream fun memories 

A tea plantation near Charleston South Carolina loved this place 

Horses relaxing in a field along the Fife coast in Scotland Cambo house, we visited this place in June with my parents walked through the woods nibbled wild garlic and then played on the beach and rock pools 

Sheep in a field in Fife Scotland 

Fields in Iceland on a rainy day despite the rain we enjoyed walking and taking pictures 

a small country home in Western Sweden 

A field in Sweden 

a stunning field on a drive through the Italian alps, we stopped by the side of the road and took pictures as the kids napped in the car simple magic

Fields are magic, stunning and change with the seasons, often full of wild flowers and my favorite delicious and healthy veggies to nourish us.

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