Friday, December 12, 2008

Oprahs Weight Gain

The whole world is a buzz about Oprahs recent weight gain, its been in British newspapers, CNN and debated about on the Nutrition Entrepeneurs listserv I belong to. It just highlights how difficult it is to maintain longterm weight loss, many folks are facing the same struggle and Oprah even with all her resources such as Dr Oz, personal trainer, and chefs is facing the same challenges.
The unfortunate thing is she has to do it in the public eye. I would applaud her for having the courage to discuss the issue and keep trying to improve her health. Maybe she was a little hard on herself and set unrealistic goals of restricting her food intake and excersing so much. I remember seeing one show where she just smelled a desert and didn't taste it to avoid the calories. This highligts the age old rule a little of what you fancy does you good! as we say in England.
Be kind to yourself, enlist a good support network as you work on lasting lifetyle change and if you do re-gain some weight have a number say 10lb to make you reassess what your doing, maybe keep a food diary for a week, or maybe look at your piorities. Make an appointment with your Dr and dietitian for the support to keep your health goals on track. And most importantly never give up on your health is too important, if Oprah can be honest and keep trying so can you.

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