Rebecca Subbiah RD (UK and US) Biography

Rebecca Subbiah is a registered dietitian in both the UK and the US with a wide range of experience in different clinical areas. She started her blog ” Chow and Chatter” in 2008 - which quickly transformed into a healthy recipe blog. Through blogging she has become a part of the International food blogging community and mastered the skills of social media using twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogtalk radio, You Tube and other mediums to connect with her niche and have fun. She has experience blogging and managing the social media for various clients including Field to Plate. 

She presented “Food Blogging” to the Greensboro social media club in 2010 and spoke at Linking Greensboro, a local business club on app development.  She has been interviewed for the Winston Salem Journal about her recipe app and very active food blog and was featured in Savor NC. In November 2010 she spoke on Social media to the Winston Salem and Greensboro Dietetics Associations. 

As an individual she is passionate about blogging, making meaningful connections, and inspiring others to cook more healthy food from around the world. In November 2010 she launched the Chow and Chatter recipe app featuring over 80 recipes from around the world; so far it has been downloaded in 20 countries. She has also done healthy cooking segments on local TV. In the spring of 2011 she gave a presentation Social media 101 to Dietitians in Charlotte NC. In March 2012 she spoke on social media at The Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting and her twitter handle @chowandchatter was mentioned on The Food Network in an article Healthiest Social Pages.  In May 2012 she spoke to dietitians at Kings College London on social media. She also gave a talk on “Building a Community Around your Brand” at Converge South in October 2012. 

In March 2013 she spoke on How to be a Global RD, effectively embracing other cultures and cuisines at The North Carolina Dietetic Association. In April 2013 she spoke at MINK on how to be a global RD and in June 2013 she spoke on how dietitians can use social media at The Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She gave a webinar on twitter to the North Carolina dietetic association in October. She spoke on non traditional dietetic careers at FNCE in 2013.  

She spoke on Branding at The Todays Dietitian Conference in Austin in 2018. 

In November 2018 she joined Debra Benfield RDN, M. Ed. as an associate in her private practice.

More recently, Rebecca has immersed herself in the field of Eating Disorder prevention and treatment along with Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and approaching her patient care with a commitment to Health at Every Size with a Weight-Inclusive mindset. She also has a special interest in family feeding.

Rebecca has a particularly magical way of helping her clients to connect with food and cooking. She is also a farmer and gardener, food blogger and traveler combining the joy of growing food and having fun creating tasty and nourishing global recipes in the kitchen. 

In 2020 she formed Anchored Nutrition Therapy located in Indera Mills Court a Nutrition Private practice offering nutrition counseling for - 

  • Recovery from Disordered eating 
  • Help with Picky eating
  • Pre -Diabetes and Diabetes
  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating
  • High Cholesterol and Heart disease
  • Nutritional Support 
  • Family and Child Nutrition 
  • Vegetarian Nutrition 
  • FODMAP diet for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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