Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Arabian Teahouse, Dubai

We have recently returned from a wonderful trip to Europe and India to see family. On the way to India, we visited Dubai it is my second time visiting its a fascinating place. Very modern and high tech with with lots of "biggest" things, the world's biggest building, the biggest picture frame, the biggest diving pool the list goes on. 
I admire how the United Arab Emirates has a plan for the future, attracts folks from around the world to live and work there, and it focuses on Tourism. 
I would visit in the winter though as it's super hot in summer, over 100, and very hard to do much outdoors. Also, the city had a hazy smog to me. 

I wanted to highlight a special restaurant here - The Arabian Teahouse, this restaurant really impressed me, it serves traditional Emirati food in a cool old neighborhood the inside is so beautiful in a courtyard under an old tree. This meal was in fact my favorite meal of the trip.

Fried fish
The historic area the restaurant is in had a falcon on a bench! it's basically a living museum highlighting Emirati culture. It has some nice shady alleys and a few sooks selling local crafts.

this lamb and rice were so good, a lot like biriyani with less spice.

wonderful baba ganoush and they also had hummus 

This salad was divine, it has cheese, beetroot, apple, fresh mint and greens, and walnuts. 

One of the things we did was go on a trail ride in the desert in the Moonlight! it was really cool and our 13-year-old daughter got to gallop and canter she was in heaven. She loves Arabian horses and enjoyed seeing them all after the ride, they are an ancient breed suited for the sand and speed. Here is a handsome stallion.

Explore, eat and learn, what a joy to be able to travel and explore the world. 

If you are in Dubai here is the website to the restaurant, it is not to be missed!

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