Sunday, August 8, 2021

Overnight blackberry oats

Overnight oats have been very popular lately, while I feel quick oats in the microwave is fast anyways, there is an appeal to having breakfast or a snack ready to enjoy so here's a fun recipe to try- 

Overnight blackberry Oats

- blend a quart of blackberries with a banana a cup of milk and honey about 1 tablespoon,  strain seeds and mix with about a bowl of 1/2 cooked oats (can be uncooked, I like the texture better this way) add milk mix together and add sugar if needed.
Put in fridge overnight or a few hours, this makes a fun snack or breakfast. 

In other news we recently meet my parents in Iceland as vaccinated folks do not need to quarantine and at the time we flew there, the UK still had a quarantine in place. It was the best trip, amazing landscapes, white nights, good food and so many precious memories made after being apart for two years. 

This was a cool restaurant in a greenhouse that grows tomatoes using the geothermal heat from the volcanic earth to grow them. The menu was tomato inspired and my favorite part is they use bumble bees to pollinate the plants, there are 1200 of them buzzing around so fun. 

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