York, England

York, England is a special city and one to put on your radar. Its rich in thousands of years of history and old world charm with its farmers markets and agricultural areas surrounding the city, the ancient cobbled shambles that look exactly how they would have hundreds of years ago. You can sip tea in one of the tearooms and try the famous Yorkshire pudding. 

 Pictures from the farmers market, it was fun to see the sheep and wool for sale. 

Me and my lovely family, we spend the night and day in York en route to my cousins wedding. 

Below is the fabulous York Minster, a fine gothic church with over 2000 years of history, you can read more here

Isn't the church amazing and to think folks have worshipped on this spot since 627 AD. 

If you visit be sure to pause and look up at the ceilings. 

Another interesting thing about York is its Viking history years ago when a carpark was being built the builders stumbled on an ancient settlement that started a dig and then a museum documenting times when the Vikings settled in the region. Interestingly as we were lining up to enter a Scandinavian couple who are Vikings were there. They enjoyed the museum.

Have you been to York? or do you plan to?

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