Thursday, January 5, 2017

Colmar, France - Photo Series

On our summer trip to Europe we drove around Germany then to Strasbourg in France for a night and south to Basil Switzerland for a day to meet a friend. I often hop onto travel twitter chats and once Colmar was mentioned, I favored the tweet and decided if at all possible to visit. Unfortunately time was limited and traffic bad this day but we managed a quick 20-30 minute stroll. Colmar is a stunning little town in Northern France full of canals and ancient fairy tale buildings. One day we will go back and enjoy it properly but sometimes its Ok to quickly check out places when passing savor the few moments and make a plan to return. 

It was busy though and parking a challenge but if your in the area add this to you itinerary. I have a good feeling that the food is fabulous also. 

The town is famous for cookies, we of course got some to snack on. 

An otter in the river. I learnt years ago if you see a crowd looking over a bridge go and take a look. Once there was a crowd stopped on a rural bridge in Costa rica we looked down to see 7-10 huge crocodiles!

Hope you enjoyed the little snapshot into a beautiful part of the World, where have you taken a detour for recently?

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