Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winter Beauty - Photo Series

Sometimes we see Winter as a season we just want to fast forward through, the tree's look stark, theres a chill in the air and you have the inconvenience of snow days. But truly every season has its place and benefit the extra snow fall and rain adds to the water levels and adds as a buffer to get us through the summer. 

I love the tree's behind my house in winter as you can see the sunrise through them. I love seeing cardinals in the snow and feeding the birds. Its fun sledding with the kids and walks in the snow. Even on the coldest days when you shiver and are bundled up remember the warmth of spring is just around the corner. But remember to find joys in each season. 

Crocus on a woodland trail 

 The muscadine vines in the snow at the farm 

Cool season crops like this wonderful purple carrots 

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