Wednesday, December 2, 2015

HELP - Chennai #chennaifloods

Chennai a city close to my heart has been pounded with heavy rains and floods in the last few days, this wonderful city is my hubby's hometown, the city where we got married where my amazing in laws live - Amma and Appa, friends and family. 

Right now the efforts are in rescuing folks from the floods often with boats, giving food and shelter. 

On a search I couldn't find many international sites to donate to. So I decided to use paypal, I have added a donate button below. Please give what you can I will give the money to a trusted friend there 

Madhu Thottappillil a doctor he will distribute to relief organizations and folks in need in the coming weeks and months. I will add pictures and further blog posts to show this. 

See below for a feel of whats going on, its tragic and more rain is in the forecast 


You can give directly via bank transfer or via PayPal to this trust, Madhu is on the board and will ensure the money reaches those in need they will share stories and pictures over the coming weeks of how the funds are helping 

Jacob Joseph shalom Abode trust 
SBI, Purasawalkam, Chn 600007 
IFS code -SBIN0001515

much love

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