Mendenhall Plantation Jamestown NC

I recently meet a friend at city lake park in High point North Carolina its a wonderful park with a play area and a lake and in the summer it has a vintage steam train and a carousel for the kids. Across the street there's a wonderful old house and museum. I noticed it was open so the wee man and I popped over it was great and we were the only folks there so got a private tour with the man who runs it. The house dates back to 1811 and was built by a British quaker family. The home, another house that was a doctors surgery and medical school, barn, tannery and a store across the street was a local marketplace. A place to barter and trade items and develop crafts in fact the family were resourceful and skilled. The museum has fascinating history and nice grounds friendly staff and is well worth a visit. 

the doctors house

an old spinning wheel 

an example of an early 1800 doctors office the wee guy was enthralled with a surgical tray with fake blood on a piece of clothe 

period clothing and the very step staircase leading up to bedrooms and a weaving room 

a wonderful loom 

flax this is used to make linen 

a Native American canoe in the barn at the back there are also many amazing wagons and carriages in here 

I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving this week has been magic as my brother and sister in law visited from Scotland, what a treat we miss them but have wonderful memories to cherish. 

For more about the museum -

Mendenhall Plantation - 603 W. Main Street - Jamestown, NC 27282 - (336) 454-3819


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