Mount Pleasant Church

One of my favorite places to go locally is Tanglewood a wonderful park, with walking trails playgrounds, a pond, horses, tennis, golf and a manor house it also has a wonderful old church known as Mount Pleasant church here is a little history :

"Among the earliest European settlers of the Yadkin River Valley was William Johnson, an immigrant from Wales. In 1757, just four years after the Moravian settlement of the Wachovia Tract in the nearby communities of Bethabara and Salem, Johnson purchased the mile square central portion of the present property from the Ellis family to whom the land was deeded in 1753 by Lord William Linville. The Ellis family leased the land for a short time "for five shillings lawful money of Great Britain in hand a yearly rent of one peppercorn payment at he Feast of Saint Michael, the archangel". After obtaining the property, Johnson built a fort overlooking the Yadkin River to protect his family and neighbors from attacks during the French and Indian War. Currently, this spot is marked by a monument just south of the Manor House. In 1765, he died and is now buried on the highest hill in the area called Mount Pleasant. In 1809 a simple frame church was erected next to his grave and remains today as one of the park’s architectural attractions. Although services are no longer held there, many people are united in marriage at the Mount Pleasant Church each year." from Wikipedia  there is more history on the parks website 

The church is the oldest standing Methodist church in Forsyth county it was built by Henry Eccles and you can see his initials in the wall. It was used by the Methodist church until the late 1800's but then given to the estate. 

The small church still has original features and its stunning in its simple beauty, its open all the time and well worth a visit, a step back in time. It sits on a hill with a lovely view from the back, you can park at the golf club and walk across to the church. 

It has a cute little balcony and organ in the corner 

 love the old windows 

 you can see the date in the wood here 

 The grave of Willam Johnson the Welsh settler who owned the tract of land, he died at only 33 I wonder what happened maybe killed by Indians? as he lived in a fort near the river trying to protect his family. The estate was in his family until the 1920's when it was sold to the Reynolds family. William Neal Reynolds, brother of tobacco entrepreneur R.J. Reynolds and his wife they enjoyed the manor house and grounds as a country estate and added lovely gardens. In 1951 it was given to forsyth county for all to enjoy and the manor house is used as a bed and breakfast.  

 what a view :-) 

Its always fun to step into old places of worship around the world and feel the many who have been before to meet with one another and share their faith. Its wonderful to take a few moments and say a little prayer, and remember that you are loved. 

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