Mount Baldy California

When we visited California over Christmas my brother and sister in law live at the foot of a huge mountain range The San Gabriel Mountains,  one of its peaks being being Mount Baldy (aka Mount San Antonio) at 10,068 ft (3,069 m).  The mountains are a tourist destination and a ski area, and snow can often be seen on its peak. As you may have read or seen on the news California is in a drought so this area looks dryer than usual and very little snow was to be found. The lower lying areas and towns rely on the mountain snow fall for water so its a worrying situation. If your in the Los Angeles area the drive up the mountain is a fun day trip you will climb fast up to the high elevation and feel your ears pop and be amazed at the temperature difference. 

We drove up on Christmas day it was in the 80's in Rancho Cucamonga and the cooler temperature was a welcome change and felt more christmasy to me, we even found a little ice up there. Its a great look at the unique scenery of the area and you can find some southern Californian ranches and hiking trails along the way. 

a ranch 

finding ice on christmas day ;)

the drive up to Mount Baldy

Ice Canyon trail

This is Ice Canyon trail very cool and shaded in the canyon and seemed popular with tourists it was very rocky though and many folks had hiking sticks. Also with wee ones was tricky. Be sure to bring a warm jacket and be prepared for the drop in temperature. 

Here's a fun wee trip if your in Southern California :-) 

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